Unrequited Love

Are you in love with your money?  Are you in love with debt?  Your money and your debtors won’t love you back.  You can’t cuddle up to it on a cold night, so be careful how much affection you give it.

We usually love money for two reasons. First, the love of wealth for wealth’s sake, most often egged on by the greedy desire to be richer than the next guy or perhaps in keeping up with the Jones.  And second, the love of things money or debt can buy that confer status and the appearance of success.

Does anyone you know resemble that definition?  Heaven forbid it should be the person in the mirror!

Here’s a parable for our time that illustrates how greed can corrupt.

Many people are like the Guadalcanal Island monkeys our World War II marines thought were so cute and would make terrific pets. So they concocted a strategy to catch them.

They would hollow out a coconut and fill it with rice, leaving only a small hole, and secure it to a tree.  The monkey would put his hand into the hole and grab a fist full of rice, but couldn’t get his hand out without letting go of the rice, as his clenched fist full of rice was too big to get back out through the hole.  The greedy little animals were trapped.  They had the rice they wanted, but they had lost something much more precious — their freedom.  This is no different than what credit card companies are doing to the American people.

Poverty corrupts people but so do the wealth, greed and debt that can go along with it. Genuine, lasting happiness depends on intangible qualities of character and spirit, and the pursuit of wealth tests them all.

Loving your money too much can cause you to lose things far more valuable than your money.  We all know someone who has sacrificed marriage and family due to stupid, greed-driven decisions or uncontrolled spending on vices; usually brought on by buying on emotions then logic.

Money is a two-edged sword that can bless you or curse you, depending on the space and place you allow it in your heart.  Money can be the key to expensive vices or the key to good things in your life.  It’s up to you. You can decide to be prosperous and miserable, or prosperous and happy.  It’s really that simple—I said “simple,” not easy.

That’s my thoughts for today, come visit us again tomorrow.

Mark “Gunny” Thomas

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