Student Finance Advice

Anyone can identify with the heavy strain placed on a student’s finances. Besides paying for school, many undergrads and those pursuing further education have countless responsibilities and financial obligations to fulfill. Though part-time jobs can cover small expenses, bills and student loan payments can really add up. All students should keep these tips in mind:

• Apply for financial aid early. Make sure you research when the cut off date is and put in your government application in as soon as it’s allowed.

• Pay a visit to your campus financial aid office. Many a times, there are scholarships available that you may not have known existed.

• Keep track of small purchases, such as your weekly spends at Starbucks or dinners out. If you find a significant amount of your cash flow is going to one place, try to reduce it slowly.

• Don’t borrow more than you can pay back: both from friends, parents or credit card companies.

• Shop around for student-friendly banks. Many campuses have in-house banks with flexible account options for students.

• Buy used textbooks for your classes. You may not save a whole lot, but you’ll reduce some of your semester expenses.

• Consider signing up for a student credit card, with added benefits and savings.

Many student credit cards offer great cash back bonuses, such as the Discover Student Monogram Card. reports that this particular student credit card provides 5% back on qualifying purchases, as well as the opportunity to double your rewards at participating merchants.

The Discover Student Tropical Beach card doesn’t charge an annual fee, either, which is a popular perk of many student credit cards. Custom credit cards and all, any student should monitor their spending habits to prevent any financial fiascos from occurring

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