Live and Enjoy Your Life While Saving Money

Author: David Stack

When you’re just beginning to put away money for savings, cutting costs around the house, and tighten your belts when it comes to spending, you and your family may experience a different kind of change, one that might be causes for arguments and disappointments. All the new things may seem such a deal breaker at first, but it’s only that the family is mostly used to spending and not in cutting back. But now, those little spendings count in a big way. 

Saver’s Attitude

What we learn from saving money is that it gradually becomes bigger over time. So even if you cannot save a whole lot of money right now, that’s fine. It’s not how high the amount you started out with but how you make saving money a regular habit and how you develop a saver’s attitude.It’s all about our behavior when it comes to money. Do we grab and spend it when opportunity comes and there’s extra floating around in the budget, or do we think of money as a tool that can help you build the life that you want? No matter how much money a person has, his or her attitude toward it  can be a deciding factor in how it gets lost or grows. There are people out there with low to average incomes that have made extraordinary leaps by eliminating their feelings on entitlement and became habitual savers. So don’t stress about how much money you’re starting out with. Think of a plan that will stick, or better yet think with your spouse, partner, closest friend or family member. They will help you reflect on what best measures to take.

Money is Just a Tool

It may just make the world go round, but money is not everything. Why? Because there are so many things money still can’t buy. It can’t buy peace to stop the war in Iraq, can’t buy you a sense of contentedness, nor can’t buy you a place in someone’s heart. So don’t be fixated on money, don’t get your head muddled with too much finance problems and full of dreams of huge amounts of money because you are going to miss out on things that really count. Greed will get you nowhere, it will just leave you empty, ruthless and wanting more. Money can give you a lot of things in life, make your life comfortable with the material good it  brings. Money is a tool that you use to provide for yourself and your family, but it’s not an end-all-be-all.It is also not something you should use to fill a hole in your life. There are people out there who try to reduce stress by binge-eating, drinking alcohol or take drugs, all these they do because they’re upset. People also manage to make spending something like that too. There are men and women who spend, shop, and just generally blow money because there’s something missing in their life.

Living in a Materialistic World

Cost of living soared into astronomical heights. We are witness to that and yet we see society and the entire country live in a materialistic world. There is still that sense of entitlement and one-upping peers by the things that we own and how much we spend for things. We try to keep up with the trends, follow the fashion, update on what’s in and out, and keep up with the Jones’. Millions of people around the world fall prey to the struggle in maintaining a jet-setting lifestyle. But still that need to fit in runs deep and peer pressure is a real and harsh experience especially to the young ones. Children and teenagers who don’t know any better and was not raised well by their parents are those that often have the mentality of keeping images up. Buying designer clothing, high-end auto brands and living in huge houses that are way out of their league, and finding themselves in debt in the end.

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