How to Cut Your Phone Bill Down to Size

Author: Harvey McEwan

Ever opened that dreaded phone bill and spent even more than the month before but don’t know how? Many people will understand that feeling which isn’t helped by the fact your mobile phone is such a valuable everyday item that you couldn’t imagine living or working without. Out of control phone bills needn’t be the case however as there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce your phone bill without cutting down your talk time or loosing touch with friends and clients.

A good place to start is assessing whether your current mobile phone package is right for you. Looking at your phone bill itinerary will allow as quick assessment of how you use your phone and whether you need a package with more or less minutes, texts or web access. Many people will find they are on a contract that doesn’t compliment the way they use their phone and in doing so are paying a hefty charge per minute or text once they have used up their allocated monthly allowance.

Turning your attention to other methods of making calls could also save you a bundle on your next phone bill. When it comes to making lengthy phone calls from home or work why not look into the benefits of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) or Skype? Both of these methods use a web connection to transfer sound so you can talk to friends and family online rather than on the phone. Both Skype and VoIP require a small amount of set up as well as a small fee but could save you a large amount of money if you’re a fan of long conversations over the phone.

Finally, in the day and age of the mobile phone it’s no surprise that the trusty home landline has been overtaken by our obsession with mobile phones. Although mobile phones boast a plethora of plus points, they are often very expensive when it comes to making international phone calls. Landlines however have the one up on mobiles when it comes to calling abroad, especially when using direct dial access codes for cheap international calls. While mobile phone providers can charge upwards of a pound a minute to call a foreign country, direct dial access codes start from as little as 1p a minute and don’t require you to enter credit card or personal details either.

Want to cut you phone bill in half? Reassess your needs, turn your attention to the internet and don’t forget your landline; you’ll have substantially cheaper phone bills in no time!

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