Common Misconceptions Concerning Your Debt

Credit card debt is something that most Americans can relate with far more than they would prefer. Most have seen their credit card debt rise over the past few years or, at the very least, know someone who has. Racking up the charges on those credit cards just seems to come way too easily to most of us. There just seems to be an allure to buying when we don’t have to actually part with any money at the time of purchase, yet we still get to walk away with whatever it was that caught our eye. That’s the allure of instant gratification! Most Americans understand a credit card isn’t free money; that there will come a day when we have to pay, but that thought doesn’t seem to be foremost in our minds when we are paying for the purchase with that card. But one of the biggest misconception of absolving ourselves of credit card debt is that by simply making the minimum payment will get that debt paid off. The cold hard fact is that this is so unmistakably false. By paying off your credit card debt that way you are only paying interest and the debt will never go away.

Typically it’s those big purchases like travel expenses and holiday shopping that create the most debt. It’s human nature to want to provide for others during the Holiday season. And who doesn’t want to go on a vacation? Again, we’re back to that issue of instant gratification… but these are all luxuries in our lives that should be used sparely. There are also those times when all those little things add up. You buy something inexpensive here and there, and then get your statement; needless to say you are quite surprised by the total.

We’ve all heard that “prevention is the best medicine” and that’s true with credit card debt as well. I doubt that anyone would argue that it would be far better to never incur that credit card debt in the first place, but we all know that if you never own a credit card, then you never build credit. And no credit is the same as bad credit. Having either bad credit or no credit can penalize you by having to pay a down payment on a service such as a cellular phone.

If you’re one of the MILLIONS who have found yourself in debt with the credit cards, theirs is something that can be done. If you search the Internet, you’ll see tons of offers for things like bankruptcy and debt consolidation, which may be a viable option for many. We, at SeeBeyond2020 have another option that won’t risk your credit score, nor even cost you tons of money. It will, in fact, save you thousands. In fact, we can save most people 10’s of thousands of dollars and years of debt without spending any more money than they are currently spending just trying to keep their heads above the water.

As the bills continue to pile up, and money seems to run thin you don’t know what to do. Being in debt can be frustrating and overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like it will never end, and getting out of debt on your own is very challenging. You can’t let debt consume your life. If you are tired of the debt continually rising and you now have a tool that offers a solution. You owe it to yourself to take a look. Check out what others are saying about SeeBeyond2020 and see what it can do for you.

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