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Traditional Health Insurance Plans

Author: S. Pearson

Are you among the millions of Americans that are under insurance, worn-out of over paying for health insurance coverage and would like to finally find affordable traditional health insurance plans that will fit into your families budget today?

No matter your age or income, nothing is more important than protecting your health. But fortunately now there are things you can do to get traditional health insurance plans that will fit into your budget today.

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What to Know and Ask About Disability Insurance

The commercial featuring that loud, quacking duck has gone a long way to making people think about individual disability coverage as a way to keep bills paid if the family breadwinner gets sick or injured over an extended period of time.

It’s true — individual disability insurance is more important than ever, and every working individual should have it.

The key is shopping smart for that coverage. A financial planning professional is a good first stop for advice on that coverage, which should be considered as part of an overall financial plan.

Why is it a good idea to have personal disability coverage, particularly when most employees can buy such coverage at work for a nominal fee? That’s because most employers offer disability coverage that lasts 12 weeks or less and covers less than 60 percent of a worker’s pretax income. That might be workable for a surgery or injury with a relatively quick recovery time on the couch, but a diagnosis for even the most curable cancers can put workers with even the best financial coverage into a devastating financial bind. Continue reading

Insurance Part 5 – How To Get the Best Policy for the Best Price

If you are purchasing term life insurance, it is pretty simple to evaluate costs of different life policies. Compare the premiums charged by each company for the same amount of coverage.

It is more complicated to determine actual cost of whole life policies since cash values, dividends, interest you could have earned in other investments, and the number of years a policy is kept in force all play important roles. Continue reading

Life Insurance Part 4 – What Kind Should You Buy?

One of the more confusing aspects of picking the right life insurance is deciding which kind of policy best fits your needs. It seems there are endless variations and names to choose from—universal life, variable life, Irreplaceable Life, The Champion, The Solution. It’s important to know that all are actually variations on the two basic kinds of coverage: term insurance and whole-life insurance (also called cash value or permanent). Continue reading

Life Insurance Part 3 – How Much Do You Need

For most people, it’s pretty simple deciding whether or not you need life insurance. Figuring out how much you need may be a lot more difficult.

Many people simply guess at a figure that seems reasonable and settle on that. Some use a rule of thumb that says you need six to ten times your annual income. has a simple life insurance calculator lets you enter how much annual income will be needed for a certain period of time after death of the policy holder. Continue reading