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Credit Card Email Scams

Here’s How It Works:

For some reason there are a lot of people out there who would rather lie, cheat and steal, than to go out and earn an honest day’s living.  Because of that, credit card scams are on the rise, and one of the more prominent tools used to perpetrate the scam is email. In this case, the scammer will send you an email message (scam) that appears to be from your credit card company. Continue reading

The “Ins and Outs” of Credit Card Telephone Scams

Scams are everywhere these days. It seems like the answering machine and inbox are filling up with people trying to “take” you in one way or another, almost daily.  So we’ll take just a couple of minutes to review one of the tools scammers use-the telephone-and how they like to exploit it.  Here’s how it often plays out:

The phone rings and the person on the other end claims to be from your credit card company. The caller will give you some story that your card appears to have been used fraudulently, or that it has been compromised in some form.  They will then ask you to confirm some personal information. Continue reading

The 4 Percent Rule — What is the Right Amount to Withdraw from Your Retirement fund each year?

With stagnant incomes and roller-coaster investment returns over the past decade, individuals on the brink of retirement might wonder what became of all those “rules of thumb” affecting how they handle their nest egg once they walk away from their jobs.

They’re still there. But the question of how well they work comes down to the individual.

Chief among them is the “Four Percent Drawdown Rule” first revealed by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional William Bengen in the October 1994 issue of the Financial Planning Association’s Journal of Financial Planning. Bengen wrote that retirees who took out no more than 4.2 percent of their mostly stock-based portfolio in the initial year and adjusted their remaining portfolio toward a 60/40 split in stocks and bonds each year, that money could last an average of 30 years. That approach made Bengen’s work a gospel in the financial planning industry. Continue reading

One Minute Money Lessons: Don’t Let Divorce Ruin Your Finances

Author: Beth D’Andrea

It is a sad day when you and your spouse decide to go your different ways.  Whether this parting is amicable or not, there are many very important decisions that need to get made right now that affect your future.  You need make sure that when you leave this marriage, you leave with what is rightfully yours.  Read on to check on some financial items that often get overlooked during this hectic time. Continue reading

One Minute Money Lessons: 3 Things to Teach Your Teens Before They Leave for College

Author: Beth D’Andrea

You know, the one thing they do not teach your children in high school is how to manage their money – a very valuable life lesson.  This leaves it to you, and while there are some helpful points below, don’t forget that modeling good money habits goes a long way.  So, whether your children are in 9th grade or getting ready to move out to college, work with them to get them started on the three points below. Continue reading

How Homebuyers Can Have the Perfect Timing for Purchase

One of the most exciting yet financially taxing moments of your life is purchasing a home. Whether you’re a first time or a repeat buyer, one of the best favors that you can do for yourself is learning when the perfect timing is for purchasing a residential real estate property.

Here, we will try to learn about the ‘real’ state of the real estate industry for homebuyers. Remember that buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make in a lifetime – so knowing the right timing is crucial. This is especially true with the new developments that will happen in the industry by the middle of the year 2010.  Continue reading

Live and Enjoy Your Life While Saving Money

Author: David Stack

When you’re just beginning to put away money for savings, cutting costs around the house, and tighten your belts when it comes to spending, you and your family may experience a different kind of change, one that might be causes for arguments and disappointments. All the new things may seem such a deal breaker at first, but it’s only that the family is mostly used to spending and not in cutting back. But now, those little spendings count in a big way. Continue reading

How to Live Within Your Financial Means, Even After Financial Success

Author: Jerry Pelletier

The biggest mistake made by many people who find financial success is to begin living as if there is no limit to their income. There is a sense of security and extravagance that comes with knowing you have a consistent, sizable income. Yet, there is an end to the money flow and if you aren’t careful to live within your financial means you could find that end much quicker than you ever imagined.

Continue reading